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Best Method To Add Blog Traffic Stats Tracking Code To Blogger Without Error


on is a website that allows website owners including bloggers to track and analyze their website traffic stats for free.

At, you will be able to see how many pageviews, unique visits, returning visits and first time visits your website has received. You will be able to see the list of keywords which referred visitors to your website from the search engines e.g More so, you will be able to see how visitors found your site, what link referred them to your site, how long they stayed, their countries, browsers etc

Before you can use to track website traffic, you will be required to add your website to statcounter, add the statcounter code to the website and verify it. How you will add the traffic tracking code to your site depends on the CMS you used in building the site.

If your site is powered by, follow me through the steps below if you want to add statcounter traffic tracking code to your blogspot blog without getting installation error :

Go to

Login or sign up for new account if you are not yet registered.

After you sign in, click on “Add Project“. Thereafter, you will see the form below :

Enter your blog url in the “project url” field, give it a title, select “invisible tracking” and click “Add Project” button.

You will be redirected to the page below :

Click on “continue to default installation

Thereafter, you will see the code which you will add to your Blogger blog.

Open a new tab in your web browser and go to :

Paste the statcounter default code in the box

Click the ENCODE button

The code in the box will change

Copy and save the new code somewhere e.g in a notepad

Open a new tab in your web browser and sign in to your dashboard

Select the blogger blog you want to add the code to

Go to “Theme” > “Edit HTML

Click inside the html and use CTRL F on your computer’s keyboard to find </body>

Paste the new code directly above the </body>

Click “Save template” button

Go back to the statcounter page and verify the installation. – Very Important!

If successful, will start tracking your blog traffic and you can always sign in there anytime to check your blog pageviews etc

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